Are You Ready to Have the Impact You Are Meant To Achieve? 

Kathryn R Martin

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Are you:

  • Feeling a pulling into a Next Chapter, or are at a crossroads of some kind? (for you or your business/organization)
  • Successful, but wanting to have a greater impact in the world? 
  • Tired, overwhelmed and feeling like you’re going in circles? 
  • Noticing that the “voices in your head” may be holding you back?
  • Unhappy and not feeling valued? 
  • Wanting to have more time to do the things you love? 
  • Frustrated and feeling “stuck?”

You're not alone. In the past 2 years over 45 successful leaders have worked with Kathryn to find and speak their impact. CEO’s, Executive Directors and senior staff in arts and culture and non-profit organizations, executives in the corporate sector, professionals in the horse industry, and entrepreneurs have increased their salaries and fees, aligned their work with their purpose, elevated their professional brand & value, created momentum and impact in their careers and for their organizations/businesses, and… their hearts are singing.

Kathryn's Happy Friday emails, blogs, workshops and coaching programs are designed to help you - whether it's taking your first big "leap" into a next chapter, or actively curating your dream work-life scenario. 

Kathryn R Martin  

Kathryn helps you find and speak your impact so that you can create the dream career and life you are meant to live - with clarity, ease, momentum and joy… and, as a result, make the world a better place!  

Known for her ability to see the deep value in others and create the elevated language needed to leverage that value, she is known for helping clients get unstuck, and quickly move from their “Point A” into their extraordinary “Point B” – of impact. With over 25 years’ experience leading arts and culture organizations and mentoring consultants during times of change and transition, two years ago, Kathryn took a “leap” and left a prestigious job-job to focus on creating new possibilities for client transformation - an area where she could have the most impact – and where her heart could sing. Based in San Diego, Kathryn works with successful leaders and mission-driven businesses around the world as an entrepreneur, professional interim CEO and transition strategist, and leadership coach.